Riddle Ball

Riddle Ball: The Challenge of Dr. Enigma

Dr. Enigma, the notorious riddle villain, was once a brilliant and enigmatic scientist named Dr. Edgar Everett. He had earned a reputation as a prodigious researcher and inventor, specializing in cryptography and puzzles. However, despite his immense intellect, Dr. Everett found himself feeling unappreciated and overlooked by the scientific community.

One fateful day, while working on a top-secret government project, Dr. Everett stumbled upon a hidden chamber deep beneath the laboratory. In this hidden chamber, he discovered an ancient artifact known as the “Riddle Stone.” Legend had it that the stone possessed mystical powers and granted its possessor unparalleled wisdom and intellect.

Driven by curiosity and a desire for recognition, Dr. Everett became obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the Riddle Stone. He dedicated countless hours studying its inscriptions and deciphering the cryptic riddles that accompanied it. Over time, the stone’s power began to corrupt him, amplifying his ego and cunning.

As Dr. Everett delved deeper into the mysteries of the Riddle Stone, he discovered that it had a malevolent side effect. It bestowed its possessor with an insatiable thirst for challenging others with complex riddles and puzzles. Driven by this newfound compulsion, he adopted the persona of Dr. Enigma and turned to a life of crime, using his intellect and riddle-solving skills to confound law enforcement and challenge the world’s greatest minds.

Dr. Enigma became infamously known for leaving behind his signature calling card—a cryptic riddle that must be solved to prevent his next crime. He reveled in the chaos and frustration his riddles caused, believing that by challenging humanity’s collective intellect, he was exposing their weaknesses and asserting his superiority.

As the years went by, Dr. Enigma’s reputation grew, and he became one of the most formidable villains in the world. His crimes were meticulously planned, and his riddles became increasingly complex, leaving authorities and heroes stumped at every turn.

Now, Dr. Enigma continues to roam the world, always one step ahead of those who seek to bring him to justice. His insatiable thirst for riddles and puzzles drives him to new heights of mischief and mayhem, leaving a trail of baffled heroes in his wake. The world can only hope that one day, someone will rise to the challenge and outsmart the enigmatic genius known as Dr. Enigma.



  • Gather into teams of 3 players.
  • Make a team name.
  • You have the chance to create riddles for the game. Open the Riddle Form and submit riddles with answers. Answers should be 15 characters or less and can include the space bar.
  • Once the game begins, no new riddles can be submitted on the Riddle Form.


When a round begins, a riddle will be shown on the screen with the question shown and the answer hidden in empty blocks. The team that came up with the riddle will also be shown. That team will sit out the round.

  • Each team will take turns throwing a ball into a basket.
  • If a player does not get the ball into the basket, the next team will try.
  • If a player gets a ball into the basket, they have two options. They can either try to guess the answer to the riddle immediately or they can try reveal a hidden character.
  • If they try guess the riddle immediately and they are correct, their teams earns 2 points and the round ends. If they are incorrect, the next team’s player will throw the ball.
  • If they choose to open a hidden character, they can choose which character to open. Once it is revealed, they can still try to guess an answer to the riddle. If they are correct, their team earns 1 point and the round ends. If they are incorrect, the next team’s player will throw the ball.

A round ends when a player answers correctly or all 3 players in a team have thrown the ball. If no player guesses correctly by the time all players have thrown the ball, then the team that made the riddle earns a point

  • The throwing order will remain the same for the whole game. When a new round starts, the next team in the throwing order will throw first.
  • Answers only count when they are submitted after a throw. Any answer that is shouted out or submitted by someone who is not throwing will not count.
  • You may not cross the throwing line when attempting a throw. Players must be completely behind the throwing line or their throw will not count.
  • All players in a team must take a turn throwing. Teams have their own internal throwing order which must stay the same for the whole game. For instance, if a round ends but one player in a team did not throw, that player must throw first for their team in the next round, otherwise the throw will not count and the team will forfeit their turn.
  • When the game ends, the team with the most points wins.
Rise to challenge, become the greatest riddle solver and defeat Dr. Engima!

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